2016: Nothing But The Best

I know I’m on my own when I say this, but 2016 was a pretty great year. I mean, even when it was bad, it was still pretty good. And as we close it down, I thought it would be fun to revisit some of the highs, relive some of the lows and share all my favorite posts in between.


My year started with a trip to South Africa. It was there that I rode a Segway down a flight of stairs, went on the world’s most lack-luster safari and answered the question, “Don’t you get bored traveling alone?” for the first twenty times. Here’s what I have to say about that: Table for One.

This one, plus a million more. #botswana #chobe

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My second big stop in 2016 was Madagascar. I was planning to volunteer in a maternity ward at a rural health clinic for a few weeks. If that sounds crazy, just wait until you hear the song and dance about how I got there. My one-woman musical: Anivorano: Act One and Act Two.

Making friends in Madagascar. (Except for Back Left. He's unimpressed.)

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Next stop: Israel. I showed up with a case of pink eye and left with a mission. Here it is: Work Your Plan.

And then came Europe, where I wildly overestimated my Spanish comprehension skills in a Barcelona salon, got trapped in a salt mine in Poland and went on the worst date ever in Amsterdam. The full story: Say “Enough” | Room Escape and Tinder Abroad.

Together forever. #loversbridge #krakow #poland #travel #solotravel

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Shortly thereafter, I came back to New York and had a rare moment of clarity. Here it is: While I was out traipsing through the streets of Tel Aviv and outrunning a cyclone in Madagascar, real life was still happening back home. Babies were born, weddings were had, promotions were earned… and I was living in my own little world. And that’s A-OK with me.

Let’s be serious: You Can’t Have It All.

I don’t want it all. And good thing because I kicked off part two of my travel adventures in a London apartment that didn’t have a sink. That shouldn’t be much of a story, but it is. Laugh track: London Living, Sans Souci.

And then I made one of my favorite stops: Switzerland. Who would have thought?


If Switzerland has an opposite, it would be Hong Kong. And that’s where I went next. More importantly, that’s where I went on the most ridiculous date of all time. From now on, when I’m deciding if a man is relationship material, I ask myself: How would he react if when I badly injure my foot on a busy sidewalk? Hopefully, like this guy did: Disaster Date.

After that little mishap, I decided to further tempt fate with a surf lesson in Indonesia. And it did not go as expected. Learning new things: Surf School.

And then I hit a literal high. I hiked Mount Kosciuszko, Australia’s tallest peak. Turns out the hardest part of the day was renting a pair of snow boots. Going up: Make Your Own Trail.


Right after that, I rented a tree house in the rainforest of Australia. It was all pretty idyllic… until the wildlife invaded. Relive the chaos: Think Outside the House.

I saved the best for last: New Zealand. It was everything I could have asked for: Great people, delicious food, picture-perfect scenery, and 7.8 magnitude earthquake. After that, the jet boat was noting. Read: Hang on Tight.

Traveling for most of this past year had its challenges, but the hardest part, by far, was just deciding to go. I’m so glad I did. My logic: Happy Quitaversary To Me.

Somewhere along the way, my whole life changed. And I changed with it. For the better. Closing it down: I’m a Ten. (And You Are Too).

Wishing you all a happy, healthy and adventurous 2017!!

Oversized. #mocak #travel #poland #krakow #solotravel

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  1. I have loved traveling along with you this year from your blog to your beautiful instagram! I have no advice to give except to say you’re doing it right!

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