Don’t believe everything you hear… Swiss edition

The only thing I ever heard about Switzerland is that it’s expensive.

Having just spent a weekend hiking in Grindelwald, a village in the Bernese Alps, followed by a day and a half in Zurich, I can confirm: It’s expensive beyond your wildest dreams.

But here’s the thing most people fail to mention: It’s totally worth it.

Switzerland is spectacular. I’ve never been anywhere quite like it before and I don’t know when I’ll be so floored again. The air is fresh… The water is clean… And the landscapes are unreal.

It’s like the old saying goes: You get what you pay for. And I dare someone to tell me this view from our apartment balcony isn’t worth the $45 worth of cheese that we accidentally spilled champagne all over just a moment before. (True story).

I hate to tell you, but I have precious little of my usual routine to share from this leg of the trip. No slip and falls on a mountain. No Tinder dates gone awry. Not even a scene at the airport counter when I was all but forced to self-service check my own suitcase.

Switzerland is too good for that shit.

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Advice I’m giving you: Go.

  1. Fantastic! I am such a fan, Nova. Thanks for your writing and insights. My husband and I will be in Munich (visiting Salzburg and Innsbruck, etc.) for 10 days beginning Sept 14. I get to see the Alps too! Yay! Where will you be then?

    Oh, and thanks for the postcard from Amsterdam. I was so excited when it arrived!

  2. One thing more. Please ride a rodelbahn for me and tell me what it is like. I have a goal of riding more than one while in Bavaria. You are crazy enough to do it. There seems to be one at every ski resort in the Alps. The “Pilatus Luzern” is the longest one in Switzerland (it’s more of a tobaggan than a roller coaster).

    • Hi – so i’m sorry that I won’t be in Europe any more until next year. I would love to stay, but my 90 days are about up! I’ve heard amazing things about Salzburg… I picture it to be sort of like Switzerland. Let me know – we can compare pictures! Oh and I totally should have done the rodelbahn… my friends and I actually had plans to but then one thing led to another and it was time to leave. What a regret! Tell me how it is. IT LOOKS TERRIFYING.

  3. Hi Nova,
    Oh my gosh it is spectacular and hope to visit one day!!! I am so happy you are enjoying your travels as I am enjoying your pictures. Travel safe my Dear and looking forward up more beautiful pictures.

    • Hi Voula – thanks for reading, you’re so sweet. I would definitely put Switzerland on your short list of places to go. If you take me to Greece, I’ll take you there :)

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