Year in Review: 2016
2016 wasn’t perfect, but even when it was bad, it was still pretty good.

I quit my job… and everything is going to be fine.
In which my father kills a snake with a moccasin, I quit my job and we both end up just fine.

Happy Quitaversary to Me.
An update about that time I quit my job and headed off to South Africa.

You Really Can’t Have It All
Working moms don’t need to lean in. They need to lie down.

I’m a Ten. (And You Are Too.)
I was skinny. Then I got even skinnier. People have a lot to say about it.

Table for One
Because nobody asked, I weighed in on being “Single by Choice.”

Think Outside the… House
Living in a treehouse was pretty idyllic. Until the wildlife invaded.

Anivorano: The Musical and Anivorano: Part Deux
I went to Madagascar and had a great idea for a musical.

Learn to Say “Enough”
I got my hair cut in Spain and that shouldn’t be a story, but it is.

How I Made $10K guest blogging
I have news for everyone who warned me that writing this blog would render me.

Work Your Plan
My grandmother is a character. Her advice is questionable.


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