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My colleague recently started a blog called “Three things I like about…” It’s brilliant: the concept is immediately recognizable and the theme is sufficiently broad.

I like the idea. In fact, I like it so much that I’m going to steal it. Welcome to a post called, “Three things I like about… Ripping other people off.”

No, just kidding. I wouldn’t do that. I’d actually make it, “Three things I like about… today.”

More positive, no?

barbados1. Now is as good a time as any to announce that I’m in Barbados. I did an outstanding job of not preparing for this trip in any way, and I’m looking forward to spending the next six days sorting that out as I go.

In fact, one of the few things I did before I departed was leave a message on my parents’ answering machine telling them I was traveling. If I’m being honest, it had less to do with informing them of my plans and more about seeing what my dad had to say about Barbados.

I was particularly curious because several years ago when I was heading to the Dominican Republic with a group of friends, he got absolutely frantic.

“The Dominican Republic?!” he yelled across the table at a restaurant in Chinatown. “I got two words for you: Nancy. Holiday.”

“You mean Natalee Holloway,” I replied. “And that was Aruba.”

Those details aside, he was absolutely convinced that any trip to the Caribbean would end in disaster – a point that I doubted had changed much in the past decade.

I was right.

“Barbados?! Is that by Aruba!?” he asked.


“Good,” he replied. “Hey! Are you going to do any snorkeling there?”

And that was actually my second guess of what he would have to say. So predictable.

2. So today I watched a movie. That’s a big deal because the last thing I saw – in the theater or otherwise – was American Hustle. With the exception of the scene where Amy Adams dances a really convincing disco, I’d say that movie was a big waste of 3 hours and $15 – and that’s coming from the lady who pays twice as much each week to learn how to climb drapery with her knees.

Anyway. Selma. That’s what I watched on the plane. Twice, actually. And while I was embarrassed to cry through a good portion of it the first time, I didn’t feel an ounce of shame losing it on the second go.

That movie is excellent. And it’s important. Everyone should see it.

(Everyone probably already has, but when have I ever let the facts get in the way of some unsolicited advice before?

3. Today is one of the handful of days each year that I have access to a patio with an oceanfront view – and my first order of business was walking directly into the sliding glass door leading to it.

We’re all so predictable, aren’t we?

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